Hi there OWLR fans!

Wait… Is it just us or do things look a little different around here?

Two years ago, we were getting ready to launch a new website for our users in support of a potential business acquisition — and two years later, we finally got around to fixing all of the bells and whistles for you to enjoy.

One of our former team members, Tanya Nell, worked diligently to evolve our web presence to reflect the clean, user-friendly design you have come to know and love from us (send her a note if you’d like).

Sadly, the responsive design and technologies we had in place required extensive work on the code of the site – while our apps are top of the line when it comes to design, our website has been a little neglected in the past.

Now, enough time has passed that we could designate the resources necessary to do a complete redesign of the website. We want to give you the quality that you have come to expect from OWLR all across the board. Besides, who doesn’t like a fresh new look?

The changes OWLR have made to the website have been immense – not only have our pages been fully redesigned and changed, but we have also improved the structure of our page to help you get more of the information you’re interested in, with less scrolling and searching necessary. The new OWLR home page includes all new graphics and all new interactive features but with the same reliability and ease of use, we pride ourselves in.

Navigation to different parts of the site has been improved, and you’re now able to access almost all the important things right from the home page — all without making a clunky user interface. That’s quite a feat!

The website relaunch is not the only thing we have in store for you, and our team is working tirelessly to make OWLR better than ever before. All we can say right now is stay tuned and watch this space!

At OWLR, the customer is king and your opinions matter to us.

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