Thank goodness for high-speed internet as we have happily been at the receiving end of positive user experience reviews. Of course, we love to read happy reviews where our users cannot contain their excitement for our app but we also love to read the ones that give us an insight on how we can perform better and enhance the user experience – after all, it is you who we are making the app for. We speak to one of our users, Russell, to find out about his user experience and his eager suggestions for the app.

Love at first sight

Russell’s love for us may not be as romantic as Jack & Rose’s epic Titanic love story but the love is certainly felt when he describes his great admiration for our app.

I love that OWLR allows me to ‘check in’ on what’s going on at home with a press of a button. It always ‘just works’ and is amazing for peace of mind. I’ve been using OWLR for over a year now with my Foscam cameras. OWLR is the camera app I’ve been waiting for since I first purchased my Foscam cameras a few years ago. The interface is a breath of fresh air compared to the other IP cam apps out there, I love the modern and easy to use interface and adding cameras is a breeze. My camera’s app was just terrible. OWLR streamlines the whole process with a few taps and it’s great. It’s perfect for what I need it for.

Reason for use

Besides monitoring both inside and outside his home, Russell has an other reason why he uses OWLR.

I use OWLR mostly for checking on my pets when I’m away from home on my phone. Recently I rescued a baby bird and used the night vision mode to monitor the little bird in a box via wifi – it was great to be able to control my camera remotely and watch him without disturbing him.

 Checking in

More than ever we have become addicted to using our smart devices with many of us checking our smartphone over a whopping 200 times a day! With that said, the average time our users spend on OWLR is 12 minutes a day. Russell is one avid user and likes to make the most out of OWLR by using it on multiple devices.

I use OWLR several times a day since it was released, both on my iPhone and iPad.

The great outdoors

Russell knows all too well that OWLR can be used for outside use too.

I am looking at buying another outdoor Foscam to use with OWLR as I’ve just had an outdoor cat enclosure built for my house cats so I want to keep an eye on them when I’m away from home.

Ease of use

We are as big of a fan of the KISS principle just as Russell is.

It’s simple and slick but that is what I love about the app because everything is clear and it just works as intended.

Enabling Motion Alerts

Our latest paid feature Motion Alerts notifies users when there is sudden movement detected in front of the camera.

I subscribed to Motion Alerts because hey, it’s only £0.99. I use Motion Alerts to monitor my driveway. After all, I love being notified when my expected parcel is just about to reach my front door from the delivery man and also when visitors have arrived. It also keeps me in the loop with what is happening in my neighborhood if something is amiss.

 Thoughts, feelings, suggestions…

Creating a great user experience is the cornerstone of delivering a quality app. As we mentioned, we welcome all feedback with open arms (or wings, we should say) as it helps to continually improve our app. Russell has expressed his desire for OWLR to enable scheduled notifications. We are happy to report we are working on his request!

If you have any questions or would like to give us feedback on your user experience, please contact You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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