Be the ‘Master of Disguise’ when it comes to concealing the presence of your home security system. Although having a security camera in world view can act as a good deterrent for potential burglars, it can also make it a bulls-eye target.

By cleverly hiding your security camera, it can lessen the chance of your camera being spotted and potentially disabled by thieves. It can also reduce the camera itself being an eyesore or lessen the social awkwardness by having a camera being in full view of your dinner guests (just make sure you are across the specific laws in your country).

Here we share our top tips for disguising your security camera.

Pot Plant

Not only will a leafy green pot plant bring your room to life with some added Feng Sui, it serves as a great way to conceal your camera. Take some inspiration from Pinterest or from Gadget Addict on how to great your creative juices flowing on hiding your camera amongst the foliage.


Unless the thief is the ultimate book worm, chances are that they will make a beeline to the bookshelf is very slim. Perch the camera along a section of the bookshelf that is rarely touched – including those dusty old encyclopaedias.


The cutesy traditional peep-hole birdhouse is a crafty place to disguise your security camera. As it does provide a restricted view with its design, just make sure the camera is facing the area you want to capture.

Box of tissues

Tissues will certainly be necessary when your potential burglar is caught red-handed on camera. You can place the camera in an empty tissue box and make extra holes where necessary to disguise your camera.

An old appliance

Forget discarding your old appliances to the kerbside, give it new life as the shell for your camera. WikiHow shows your how you can disguise your camera. Complete the look with an ‘Out of Order’ sign or leave as is.

Plush toy

Home security just got cuter with using a plush toy as the ultimate concealer. This method is a popular choice when it comes to hiding nanny cams. What is even better is minimal effort is required. Simply cut a small hole in the back of the plush toy and remove some stuffing. Position the camera inside the head with the camera’s eye aligned with one of the eyes. Cushion the camera with stuffing and sew the plush toy to be as good as new.

Want to be alerted to any movement caught on camera? Check out Motion Alerts – now available on both Apple and Android.

Have you tried any of these creative ways? Let us know in the comment box below!

Image Credit: Pinterest