Making Home IP Cams Simpler, Smarter & More Secure

OWLR is the universal remote monitoring platform that supports virtually all home IP cameras into a secure and easy-to-use solution.

With OWLR, you are in control of your home, your hardware and nothing is stored on OWLR’s servers – which is all about your control.


At OWLR, we focus on three core areas:

Make the app simple

OWLR is easy to use and extremely powerful. We take the hassle out of setting up IP Cameras with our unique Auto-discovery functionality.

We show you all the cameras connected to your network so you can set them up and be viewing within no time.

Make the cams smarter

Our mission is to take the hardware you ALREADY have and make it better and smarter, without needing an upgrade. OWLR makes it possible to view your camera feed wherever you are.

We also offer Motion Alerts that notifies you so you know when something occurs you should see.

Make the cams more secure

Unlike other apps on the market, OWLR does not store your cameras’ passwords on our servers.  They are safely in your phone, away from the prying hands of hackers and weirdos.

At OWLR, your personal privacy and home safety is paramount.

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Motion Alerts Processed Daily

OWLR Motion Alerts

Always be aware.

OWLR’s Motion Alerts allow you to know when something triggers your camera when you are away from your home.

OWLR’s Motion Alerts allow you to know when something triggers your camera when you are away from your home.
Motion Alerts are useful in many ways, whether you use them for watching your pet, seeing your baby or seeing who’s at the front door.

Key Features

  • Easy to Setup, Easy to Pay with In-App Purchase
  • Instant and Email Notifications
  • Only YOU See the Motion Alerts
  • Only YOUR see the history of Your Alerts in Email
  • Increased Safety with Password and Port Check

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