While Thanksgiving may have come and gone (along with our trim figures), there are still plenty of things left to be thankful for. At OWLR, this Festive Season, we would like to give our thanks to you.

We firmly believe we have some of the best customers in the world and at OWLR we spend a lot of time interacting with customers- whether we’re helping them get started with new cameras for the first time, answering feature questions or sorting out issues. Overwhelmingly- our customers have been the calmest, friendliest, most cooperative and kind people around. That’s why, in the name of the season of giving, we wanted to share some of the messages from the past year that warmed our hearts.

Your program is the only one that has consistently worked. It is fantastic. Thanks so much! – Joe

Wow! So easy to set up! – Daral

Awesome build. This app is seamless, simple and straight to the point. Highly recommended. – Peter

Great apps best one on the market I can recommend I have tried them all So easy to operate and not to dear to purchase keep the good work up. Thank you! – Pete B

I have to say you guys have really really outdone yourself this app I downloaded a few years ago but it looks like you guys have done so upgrades to it and I believe it’s very very good now, I truly recommend it. – Angel

This app OWLR is spectacular!!! All my IP cams in one place. Whether on local network or internet WAN. Works flawlessly!!! Nice work on this app. – Jeff

Awesome app, it lets my family keep watch on our 90 yr old mother from anywhere that we have Internet access! – Russ

This app is AWESOME!!! The automatic setup is worth its weight in gold. KUDOS for streamlining procedures that can sometimes be difficult and frustrating to those who aren’t as technologically savvy as others. – Scott

When I first downloaded this app I was extremely impressed about everything it does. I decided to try motion detection and once again I am extremely impressed. Keep up the good work and my thanks to all who developed this app. – Chris

These are only a handful of our favorite messages from our inbox over the past year. Feedback like this is the fuel in the tank that keeps the OWLR team moving forward. Have a happy festive season wherever you are and keep an eye on this space. We have plenty of incredible things in store for you to usher in the new year.

As always, happy viewing!