OWLR Partner Projects

At OWLR, we have been fortunate to be able to leverage our technical team’s skill projects on behalf of our partners.
Check out our list below for some of the successes we have enjoyed.

Mobile App Development

One of our partners seeked a solution to bring together their multiple camera apps into one. Since OWLR has already demonstrated our ability to syndicate our apps for multiple brands, the conversation was a simple one.

With OWLR’s ability to work with multiple camera protocols and our UI’s ease-of-use garnered us a partnership with this player — and due to legal restrictions, we are unable to divulge the name, but you should see the positive results of this effort in the coming months. 

Samples of Supported Brands

AI / Machine Learning

One of the biggest challenges in the camera industry is how to create value out of the many hundreds of thousands of users who own cameras but are annoyed with the lack of smart monitoring to eliminate the many false positives.

WIth a major CA remote guarding company, OWLR began technology evaluation, testing and integration work with various AI / ML technologies to deliver a prototype false alarm solution for the company’s hundreds of sites/locations.  With this knowledge and skill, OWLR has been advising service providers and building out its own solution for its customers as well. 

ODM Project Management

In Korea, one of our team members met with an amazing baby product company that was looking to expand its offering with a new camera.  Since their app development was limited to their services, OWLR created the relationship with the ODMs, project managed the effort, QAed the apps and optimized it for further use beyond the Korean Peninsula.

By Christmas, the new camera and its improved app will be on the market and helping grow this player into a successful market position.  And with this one done, more are on the way. 

We would love to work with you

At OWLR, we are product of our work efforts and strive to accomplish great things.  We only succeed if you do.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to connect.  Simply send us a note on our Support page, and we will follow up to speak further.