OWLR has flexed it wings with its latest update, Version 1.3 pulling all heavyweights in delivering our most cutting-edge app yet for iOS users.

Extended Motion Alerts Trial

Due to overwhelming response, we have extended our free trial of Motion Alerts to 14 Days. Motion Alerts is the first of our premium features to be released, detecting unfamiliar movement in your camera’s live stream. Be on the pulse with what’s going on when you are not around. Motion Alerts will ping you a notification on your smart device and through email to bring to your attention the sudden movement. Choose to swing into motion by alerting security services or enjoy peace of mind that your parcel has been safely delivered. Try it yourself, and surely it’ll be just enough time to really fall in love with knowing what’s moving and shaking when you’re not about.


App Updates

It was time for an app spring clean as OWLR has removed some pop-ups and have fixed some issues for those using smaller screen sizes (yes, we are looking at you iPhone 4s users!).

The Foscam Family Gets Bigger

We have been hearing your hoots and now have extended our support for Foscam Cameras and now support the FI9928P and FI9961EP models.

Password Prompter

It can be mind-boggling to remember all your passwords – we certainly understand those frustrations ourselves! We have now enabled a link with easy-to-follow guidelines on how you can reset your camera’s password. Ta-da!

As always – Happy Viewing!

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OWLR app

OWLR IP Camera Viewer for Foscam, DLink and Axis

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OWLR Foscam



OWLR Dlink

OWLR Dlink


OWLR is also available for Android on Google Play.