Sometimes we need that extra bit of motivation, that extra prompt reassuring us to take action. It would be great if we could all have a personal trainer knocking on our door, telling us to get up and make a change for the better to improve our physical livelihood. Maybe that kind of physical encouragement doesn’t exist for us all but in the world of tech, protecting your personal data is always encouraged.

OWLR has released its latest version on Android that prompts users to change their passwords. This is the first step in ensuring your smart home camera is secure.

We know that some pop ups can be frustrating but over at OWLR, we only display them when absolute necessary. OWLR now actively encourages users to change their default password with a friendly pop up. The pop up will appear when setting up the camera with the OWLR app. It will only occur when a default password has been detected.

OWLR Screenshot

Changing your camera’s password is paramount to ensuring your camera’s and your personal security. It may seem like we are preaching but this is to stop the leeches from entering and taking advantage i.e hackers. Don’t fall victim to having your information vulnerable to hackers. OWLR has made it loud and clear that this is the first and most important step when setting up a camera.

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Download the latest version of OWLR app on Google Play Store. OWLR is also available on the App Store.

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