It is a scary thought; hearing an other voice through the baby monitor. It is rather husky and deep but hang on a second, your baby cannot talk. Your monitor has been hacked! This is any parent’s worse nightmare.


There have been are numerous headlining stories in regards to baby monitors being hacked into from an outside source. From the creepy stories of toddlers being spied upon to the having your home and family life put unwittingly online – these stories are enough to put anyone off using home security cameras. In most cases, the reason why the monitor was able to be hacked is because the monitor was not secure in the first place. D’oh!


Here are some simple and easy steps to follow to make sure your camera is secure (think locks and bolts or time to throw away the key) to make sure your family is not vulnerable to preying eyes.


  1. Ensure your home Wi-Fi network is securely locked by turning on the router’s built-in firewall to prevent potential hackings.
  2. Be extra creative with your passwords by using a combination of capitals, lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. The more characters the merrier as this makes it ever more of a challenge for hackers to ‘crack the code.’
  3. Make a small change with a big impact – change the default IP range to be WPA2.
  4. Be the creator and create a new administration account on your Wi-Fi router and disable and delete the default administration account. Top tip: Avoid using names ‘admin’ usernames for the account.
  5. Keep an eye on updates – Make sure you keep your camera and software updated and turn off remote access if you do not need it.

These simple steps will help create a secure environment for your family – adios hackers!

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