We may be a young start-up but we keep true to old values and that is delivering a quality app to our users. It can be a tough job turning frowns upside down when dealing with issues and that is why we have dedicated OWLR’s on hand to ensure our users’ satisfaction with the overall app and service. To make sure we are kicking goals constantly, we have our star striker and Investor Outreach and User Advocate Harry on the ball (an avid football fan too so don’t mind the pun) with it all.

Harry walks us through on how he maintains his superstar status around the office.

Walk us through a day at OWLR HQ

I can’t say I am a night owl as I usually the first in the office at OWLR HQ. First job to tick off the list is analysing the data to see how OWLR is performing in each of our markets. This research is important as it helps us to understand where there might be issues or discover problems that may have been undetected with our app — we can’t have any of that going on!

I am also always one that likes to lend a hand, I tend to respond to customer service queries when needed as this is also another way we find out where we can improve. Listening to our users’ feedback is key as it helps us to understand their needs and assist with future product development.

Biggest challenge being a part of start-up?

My role is a juggling act! Not only do I assist with the above, I have adhoc tasks that include investigating the camera market, researching upcoming events for the company to visit, and reaching out to investors and others we might want to for potential collaborations. You can possibly call me Octopus Man for the amount of multi-tasking I do in the office!

Other (err) interesting talents…

They don’t call me DJ Harry for nothing!

What you love about the OWLR app?

That I can check in on my dog Possum on my phone when I am out and about and I can kindly ask her through our Push to Talk feature to get off my bed! And she does!

The perks of being in the OWLR Nest?

The best thing about OWLR is definitely my colleagues. Even though we’re a global team, with people working in over four continents, we keep pretty close and all have fun while in the office.

Hear what tunes DJ Harry is spinning around the office with his latest Spotify playlist.

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