Let your house sing with delight!


A talking smart home could be a tale as old as time. After all, Beauty and the Beast features household objects that have sprung to life – think of its famous sidekick characters Lumière the candelabra and Mrs Potts the teapot. Okay so maybe the tech world hasn’t got there quite yet with giving these items a voice to be heard. However, this kind of Disney magic has been casted on an old technology staple.


OWLR is bringing the fairy tale to life with releasing its latest feature Push-To-Talk (PTT) for its exclusive Foscam Camera App with its other supported brands to follow suit.


This enchanting new feature allows Foscam camera users to talk (or sing like Belle) through their cameras. By using the camera’s microphone and speaker, OWLR enables users to talk to anyone in view or near the camera. Users are able to go into the camera’s live stream and hold down the Push-To-Talk button to speak their words of wisdom. The button is then released to hear a reply from where the camera is located – magic is in the air!


Users can project their best (singing) voice to make sure they are heard from a far away land. For example, when the OWLR app has sent a users’ a premium motion alert because their naughty cat has jumped up on their favourite reading chair, they can catch them in the act and tell them to ‘Get down from there!’ Or if they are eagerly awaiting with anticipation for their parcel delivery and unable to be at their home (or castle), they can give instructions to the delivery person on where to leave their package. It really does allow users to be everywhere at anytime!


To recreate your Beauty and the Beast inspired smart home, download the Foscam OWLR app today at App Store or Google Play Store.


Image credits: NOIP