Here at OWLR, we pride ourselves on being readily available and ready to assist you when in need. Just like our trusted mascot, we are always on the look out. Not just in an app sense, but as an extra care taker of the things you care about. We understand that technology from time to time may falter or that there are things you need further clarification on and that is why we have our knowledgeable and ever friendly customer service agents ready to spring into action to help you.


Here as a part of our Meet the Team campaign, we introduce you to Miranda, our ever bubbly and hard working customer service agent.


Walk us through a day at OWLR HQ

We start off the day by conducting a team meeting so that everyone is aware of each others tasks for the day. Despite our small team, we are based in many locations throughout the world so meetings are conducted via Slack. It may sound tedious to some but this is a great way to communicate and to learn about all facets of OWLR.


The day then kicks off with tea and ‘elevensies’ where the team at OWLR HQ goes off and purchase snacks so we can have a productive day (not on an empty stomach) while sorting through our customer service tickets which can be up to over 100 a day. For motivational kicks, we listen to a great playlist curated by our in-house DJ Harry aka Investor Outreach and User Advocate.


Most recurring issue facing OWLR users?

Happy to say that the issues faced by our users are not wide ranging. With saying that, the most recurring issues facing our users is complications with external access. It should be super easy to set up however complications may arise due to the type of router. It is here that we guide our users how to set up their IP camera with OWLR.


Expected turnaround with customer service on issues?

The expected turnaround on answering tickets is 48 hours with most tickets usually answered within the first 24 hours. We may be a small company however providing super quick and friendly customer service is a core part of our company.


If the issue is related to software malfunction with OWLR, we communicate that we are working on rectifying the problem as soon as possible. We believe it is important to be human and transparent with our users and to show to them that we are not bots, we understand their frustrations and work tirelessly to fix them with human emotion thrown into the mix.


Biggest challenge of the role?

My background is not in tech so understanding issues facing our users has been challenging however I have been in the role for some time and I have to say, I am tech queen in the office now!


How important is customer feedback?

Customer feedback is super important for the OWLR team. We base all of our updates and fixes on customer’s feedback so its very valuable from a product development point of view. It also allows us to understand what our customers want and what direction to take the app in the future.


Hearing great feedback is always lovely of course and is a great motivator to keep doing what we do!


What is the best thing about being part of Team OWLR?

The team! We are all from all corners of the globe so it makes for a fun mix of people with interesting conversations to be had. We are pretty light hearted and good laughs are always had in the office as well as the occasional team bonding lunches.