Let the countdown begin for your next holiday but just make sure the burglars don’t get in. It is easy to get caught up with the excitement of going away but one thing that can often get side-lined is making sure your home and your belongings are kept safe.


Here are some tips to make sure that you are alert and not alarmed and for you to make sure your home is safe.

Social Media usage

In this day and age, sharing most aspects about your life with strangers is becoming second nature. With Instagram, Snapchat and various other social media, it is easy to get caught up with it all but just be mindful about bringing about attention to your vacated house.


Get yourself a house sitter

You may be away from your home but that does not mean your home has to be vacated too. There is a wealth of websites out there (Trusted Housesitters, Mind My House, Nomador to name a few)that will enable you to find a trusted house-sitter to take care of your home while you are away from taking the bins out to caring for your pets.


Ask someone to watch over the house from time to time

Its can be a simple ask of a friend or family member to check in on the house from time to time and make sure everything is ok and nothing is amiss. You can even ask them to take the bins out for you on bin day to make sure your house looks fully operational.


Create the illusion someone is in the house

Maybe you not as badass as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone when it comes to making your home appear to be occupied but you can do just that (minus the booby traps) with the users of timers on lights and motion detection sensors. Check your local electronics and home stores to make purchase of the perfect light decoy and sensors.


Ask a neighbour to park in your driveway

Consider asking your neighbour to park in your driveway from time to time to give off the impression someone is home.


Install strong locks

Check all entry way doors to see if their locks are in proper working order. Maybe consider installing a dead bolt or extra strong lock to these doors or if you have a sliding glass door, look into locks that wedge between the door and the track. To add additional security for your windows, consider adding security latches to the screen as it can act as an extra layer of protection.


Safe keeping

Make sure your valuables and special documents are out of sight and kept in a secure space with the use of a fireproof safe.


Clear the inbox

Ask a neighbour, friend or house sitter to collect your mail to prevent your letterbox overflowing with mail while you are away.


Hide the spare key

If you have a spare key hidden in the backyard, you may want to consider removing it altogether to eliminate the chances of someone finding it while attempting to snoop around.


Leave the curtains open

To make it appear that things are ‘business as usual’ at home, leave the curtains exactly as you normally would since notable changes could alert people in the area you are not home.


Check your pipes

If you are swapping cold weather for tropical beaches, a good idea before you go is to check your pipes. Make sure your pipes are well insulated as frozen pipes can cause great damage to your house upon your return. If you are unsure, consider hiring a plumber to inspect your pipes for peace of mind.


Unplug electronics

Before you head off on your holiday adventure, make sure non-essential appliances are unplugged. Not only will you save on energy costs, it also minimises risk in the event of a power surge or electrical fire caused by a fault.


Secure your garage door

Garage doors can provide an easy gateway for someone to enter your home. Manual garage doors can easily be secured with a padlock or with a clamp. If you have an automatic garage door, turn off the switch as it will prevent someone with a universal remote trying to gain access.


Turn down the temperature

Adjust the temperature on your water heater and the thermostat to ensure your house does not turn into a furnace. It is also a good way to keep natural gas and electricity bills down.


Monitor your home

Pop by your home with a virtual visit with OWLR. Once you have connected an IP Camera to the OWLR app, you can receive visual access to your home from anywhere at anytime from the palm of your hand. Upgrade the app to receive motion alerts notifications so if there is unfamiliar movement in your home, you are notified at once.

The OWLR app is both available on App Store and Google Play.

Image credit: News.bitcoin.com