While the young have a reputation of being tech savvy, apps hold no age barriers with a plethora of apps out there suited for seniors and caretakers of the elderly. These apps are not just limited to new-age bingo with many acting as medical, lifestyle and entertainment aides.


Check out our top app picks for seniors and caretakers for the elderly.



Never forget to take your medication again with Pillboxie. It is a helpful reminder app that will alert you when it is time for that next round (of pills).


iBP Blood Pressure

Operating in conjunction with a separate monitor, iBP Blood Pressure app will track and analyse blood pressure measurements over a designated period of time.



Nothing will ever replace a doctor however WebMD is the premium source of health in the digital age. It provides a wealth of information about everything and anything you need to know about your health. Here you will find great tips as well as interesting features on an array of health issues. You can even ask the app questions and it responds with highly relevant articles written by specialists in the field.


Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a handy app that helps ease communication for all. It enables the senior to dictate text and then send it as an email message. It also allows for dictation on social media channels including Facebook and Twitter and also reminders to themselves.



Keep the mind active with challenging puzzle and brain games that provides a great deal of mental stimulation. With Lumosity being continuously updated, this can act as a senior’s best friend to enjoy a moment to themselves.



This app provides seniors with an extra set of eyes. VizWiz helps those that are partially sighted to take photos with their smart device and also replies with spoken answers when asked a question.



Pocket Physio

Pocket Physio is the perfect fitness partner. It provides an easy-to-use guide for physiotherapy exercises that seniors may need to prepare for, recover from and covers ailments including hip, knee replacement surgery and foot and hand surgery.


Geriatric Depression Scale

This ground breaking app, Geriatric Depression Scale, asks recipients a series of questions to give an analysis of their results for possible depression.



Medisafe is the ultimate reminder tool.  It helps seniors to manage their medications and create status reports on their current medication regimen. Personal medical data is safe and securely stored with this brilliant health app.


Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button offers users a high degree of security and a safety precaution. Besides being used for personal security, it can also be used for medical emergencies and alerts your loved ones that something is wrong and GPS location with the tap of a red button.

Image credit: Golden Future Senior Expo