Think outside the (travel app) square.

Getting around from city to city or country to country has never been easier and we are not just talking about rock-bottom airfare or hotel prices. Beyond the flights and accommodation, there are a wealth of travel apps that are out there ready to take the stresses out of becoming familiar with a new destination. From navigation to currency and all fun in between, here are our top travel apps as recommended by our resident OWLR and travel writer, Julia D’Orazio.


In many countries, it is all about Uber or Lyft whereas in many parts of South East Asia, its Grab. Taking the share-ride economy by storm, Grab differs from the previous two as there is the option of paying in cash and even includes rides in motorbikes and scooters.


Google Translate

Forget flicking through the old trusty translator book as Google Translate takes translation that one step further. Not only an aid to support language learning, it can quickly translate words by holding up the camera to the text (think menu, signs or in a book) and have a translation in your native tongue in an instant.


Hotspot Shield

You may find yourself in a country where certain websites are blocked. Need not to fret about not being able to change your Facebook status as one way to get around this is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to securely access those blocked websites. Hotspot Shield offers encrypted and secure wi-fi- protection with just a single tap enabling you to access the information you need.


Cool Cousin

This app can be best described as Tinder for the travel ages. Cool Cousin matches you with a local that is ready to offer recommendations  on the best of their home town. These suggestions are usually more off-beat and for suits travellers that are looking to sink into their teeth in a destination beyond the guide books.


The Culture Trip

Need some tripspiration? The Culture Trip showcases a broad range of things to do and see with the inclusion of quirky facts by editors around the globe.



It may be hard to make the switch from using the ever-convenient Google Maps but once you make the change, you wish you had sooner. Much more comprehensive than the former, CityMapper is ever commuter friendly by offering real-time departures, expected transport costs and even tells you how much calories you will burn if you decide to be active enough to get to your next destination. Best of all, makes travel life a breeze by storing its 30+ city maps offline.


XE Currency

No need to get the calculator out and work out exchange rates as XE Currency does all the math for you. Just like its popular web based offering, it is super easy to use, offers rates on all currencies and allows you to compare and store up to 10 currency exchange rates. It is also made available offline, storing the last set of updated exchange rates if wi-fi access is limited.



No need to scroll through countless emails to work out your exact itinerary as TripIt acts as the ultimate travel agent in your pocket. Simply forward on your trip confirmation emails including flights, accommodation, car hire and events and TripIt will merge it all in one place.



Time poor and want to get the most out of your trip? Journy cuts your googling time by speaking directly with a destination expert and ready to give you the best travel recommendations from accommodation, sights to restaurants for a flat consultation fee.