It is always nice to be greeted at the door by your happy-go-lucky dog. It can instantly both change your mood and theirs. Make sure your extended family member gets all the care he or she needs as smart technology isn’t limited to humankind. There is a range of monitoring and wellness apps to ensure your furry friend is living the easy life in today’s tech world. Check out these smart tech trends for your pooch certainly worth woofing about!



So maybe your whistle needs to be that extra bit louder to call for the return of your dog – problem solved with Whistle, an on-collar GPS tracking device that connects to your smart phone via app. Keeping tabs on your pet’s movements has never been easier with activity also monitored so say goodbye to that terrible scenario of putting up missing dog posters because your pooch will always be found.



This app can be best described as when Lady and the Tramp meets the tech world. Taking inspiration from human matchmaker Tinder, TwinDog allows people to chat and meet up with other nearby dog owners.  Just like Tinder, it allows dog owners to swipe through dog images to find the perfect date for their dog.


Dog Walk

Make sure your pooch is getting adequate exercise with the ultimate walking companion app, Dog Walk. It tracks the distance, duration of the walk and current location on the map and even stores the journey for future reference.



Get ready to pack the doggy bag because not only are you going on holiday, your dog is too! DogVacay allows you to search through an extensive list of vetted sitters by postcode to make sure your pup gets all the nurturing they need while you are away. It also easily allows you to stay in contact with your sitter and get photo and video updates.



Dogition is a web based app that truly unlocks the wonders of your dog’s ways of thinking and activity. Sign up via the website, you are given a set of games developed by dog experts to uncover your dog’s true personality. Keep a record of your dog’s responses and it will reveal what type of dog you have. This is an interesting way of really getting to understand your furry family member.

Photo credit: Beethoven’s 2nd – Universal Studios