Parents can be the ultimate superhero but sometimes they need a sidekick (or gadget) to lend a hand when it comes to their action packed lives. Here is a list of our top tech gadgets to make life easier for all mothers and fathers in the digital age.

Keep on the pulse

It’s not just the adults that are wearing smart devices to monitor health these days, babies can too. Owlet is one of of many smart gadgets out there that monitors your baby’s breathing and heart rate by using pulse oximetry, technology found in hospitals. With the small wireless device fitting into a sock, it is easy to slip on and monitor via companion app.


Temperature’s rising

We live in the age where the use of a smart phone provides so many opportunities, including functioning as a smart thermometer reader.


Things are heating up with Wishbone. This smart thermometer fits into your smart phone’s headphone jack to accurately determine a temperature reading using inferred technology by measuring forehead skin and liquid temperature. The reading is displayed on its buddy app and can be recorded to create a personal profile along with other symptoms.


Counting sheep

Track your little bundle of joy’s sleeping patterns with the use of a smart, washable cotton onesie. This innovative movement monitor by Mimo provides parents with their baby’s respiration patterns, sleep activity and movement through the use of sensors transmitted to a smart phone device. It even provides a night report so you can monitor and share with caregivers to have peace of mind (and a goodnight’s sleep!).


Don’t be a dummy

Make the smart choice when choosing your little one’s dummy. The game-changing Pacifi-i is a thermometer in the disguise of a pacifier. It is a convenient gadget to take a baby’s temperature without causing upset and records information via app. It also allows parents to stay on top of their baby’s response to medication if unwell.


Image credit: Pregnancy & Baby