Live a little more by being everywhere at once!


Technology has come a long way in the last decade with the introduction of the first smart phone and a plethora of apps. It has certainly changed the ways of how we interact with one an other, how connected we are and how we go about our daily tasks. With the ever-increasing presence of smart home appliances, we look into the home security sector and how it has allowed us to be in control and better connected than ever before through the use of a smart home camera app.

Her are five ways of how a smart home camera can impact your life for the better.

Live-streaming your pets


Forget surfing YouTube for pet videos when you can have the star of your life be the star of the show with our live streaming service. If you want to see what your pet is getting up to, mischief or animal oddities while you are out and about, tap onto the app where you will never miss a moment.


Is the baby asleep yet?


Catching a bit of down time can be tricky if you have a restless young one that is doing everything but sleeping – remember that thing you would like to do also? Smart home cameras can be your eye from a far with checking if the baby is asleep or not without you having to get up all the time. Push to talk features also allows you talk to your beloved if needed so that you don’t need to do an impromptu fitness class all the time by getting up and down and being attentive when not necessary.


The cure for feeling homesick


Many of us cannot wait to escape the daily grind and escape for a bit whether it is a day trip or a holiday. Sometimes there are things we would also like to check up on and be assured that everything is ok back home. Having a smart home camera will certainly save that time of questioning yourself if you left a window open or the dog was let out for the day.


Check in with the wise ones


If you have elders that are not as able as they once were, smart home cameras can act as a second set of eyes to watch over them if you need to duck out or just simply monitor their well being from a far.


The place where magic happens


It may be your home, your study, business, studio or all of the above that you want to be reassured is safe with no unexpected (and unwanted) surprises. Keep an eye on it all with a smart home camera that will alert you if it detects movement or unfamiliar faces in your places of sanctuary.

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Image credit: Hanna-Barbera