Sample resume of a plumber

Qualified workers are highly sought after professionals in the labor market. Employers and staffing agencies most often invite applicants for an interview whose resume is the most complete. A detailed resume shows the responsibility and professionalism of the candidate. Use our plumber resume template to fill in information about job duties and work experience. A properly written plumber resume increases the number of interview invitations - your job search takes less time.

An example of the Duties and Achievements field for a plumber's resume:

  • Performed disassembly, repair and assembly of parts and assemblies of sanitary heating, water supply, sewerage and drainage systems.
  • Drilled or punched holes in structures using a perforator. Cut threads on pipes.
  • Marked locations of appliances and fixtures (1 to 35 per call). Installed fixtures for pipes and appliances.
  • Connected piping of heating panels, sanitary cabins and units, replaced sections of piping. Installed more than 1,500 defective locations during testing of pipelines during the year.
  • Together with a team of 3 people during his work eliminated more than 470 faulty systems.
  • Prepared repaired systems for commissioning.

Here are the knowledge and skills that employers most often list in a plumber's vacancy - be sure to write them on your resume:

  • Knowledge of plumbing and heating equipment.
  • Experience in pressure testing of engineering systems.
  • Ability to find an approach to each client.
  • Own set of tools (grinder, screwdriver, perforator).
  • Working skills with metalwork equipment.
  • Knowledge of safe work practices.